Natale 2018

Concerto di Natale: Domenica 9 Dicembre 6 pm a San Carlo Borromeo 811 Lawrence Ave W - N.York

Summer credit 2016 Program

“Centro Scuola travel arrangements are coordinated by Ventresca Travel Agency Limited operating under TICO LIC No. 1 3 7 5 9 8 8”

Total cost and Payment Schedule below
Please follow these instruction to fill out and submit the 2016 Summer Credit preregistration form.
  1. Go to the online registration page  to submit your preregistration. An automatic mail will be sent to your email address as soon as your form is validated by the system, be sure to use parent/guardian contact information: DO NOT use student email/phone.
  2. Check every detail on the feedback that you receive (mainly Name as written in Passport and your contact info), save/print a copy of the automatic feedback.
  3. Please send a printed copy of the above e-mail with a $450 non refundable "Academic Registration  Deposit" to Centro Scuola (901 Lawrence Ave W., Suite 212, Toronto ON M6A 1C3)
  4. Keep a copy of the form for your own records.
  5. Detail of 2016 Summer credit program are available  on Centro scuola web site ( Updates will be sent to your mailbox and published on Centro Scuola "News & Event Blog". Please allow as legitimate correspondent for your mail filter if you have it 
Go to the registration  page  and start filling it out on line. For multiple registration your browser page refresh (F5) may be required.
TOTAL COST $ 5,400.00
Price includes: airfare, hotel accommodations, 3 meals daily*, ground transportation, museum entrances, health insurance, cancellation insurance** and taxes.
Additional costs:  $70 cash gratuity ( to tip hotel staff and bus drivers ) This fee is paid closer to departure.
*Lunch not included while on excursion. ** Covers the cost of the FLIGHT ONLY if a student must cancel due to a medical emergency or must return home early due to medical emergency.
Academic Registration  DepositNon-Refundable to Centro Scuola
upon pre-registration
First Installment (Post dated cheques) Payable to Ventresca Travel
 November 23rd, 2015
Second Installment (Post dated cheques) Payable to Ventresca Travel
 February 29th, 2016
Third Installment (Post dated cheques) Payable to Ventresca Travel
 April 25th, 2016


Centro Scuola
901 Lawrence Ave. West
Ph: 416 789-4970
Fax: 416 789-4246