Adult Italian Classes

Adult Italian Classes

Next session:
 2018 Fall session will starts with Sat Sept 8th class: every student will receive instruction on class location, teacher name and textbooks

Classes Start:
We have two session a year: Fall and Spring session lasting from September till June. Check our Calendar or go to News Blog for dates detail.
Every session is 30 hours on 15 classes.
$275.00 + $75 textbook (if needed)
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The adult Italian language program consists of consecutive levels of instruction that will allow the students to move from basic skills to comfortable conversation levels.
Grammatical structures, vocabulary and conversation are an integral part of each class.
Each course is 15 weeks in duration for a total of 30 hours of instruction.
The chosen text will be communicated at class begin and can be used through multiple levels of the language program.

Level 1 – 2 – 3

The first three levels are intended to give the students a basic knowledge of the language.
The grammatical content will allow the student to express themselves in the present, the future and past tenses. Some of the most common irregular verbs will be introduced at each level.

Level 4 – 5 – 6

In these levels the students will continue the progressive acquisition of the grammatical content that will enable them to use the conditional and subjunctive modes in a written and oral form.
Emphasis will continue to be on conversation skills.


Conversation, composition and study of the grammar will be the focus of these classes. The teacher will also provide some texts to be read in class, which will give the opportunity to the students to enrich their overall skills.

Please note that private lessons could be arranged. For inquiry please e-mail us:

Placement test:

At the beginning of every course an oral and written placement test may be given to determine which level is more adequate for the student.

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