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Centro Scuola has been proud to offer our Summer Credit in Italy Program for over 20 years. Since the program’s inception it has expanded in to 3 regions and had 7,000 participants. 
The courses are Ontario Secondary School Diploma credits taught by teachers currently working for either the TCDSB or the YCDSB
Students study for approximately one week in Canada, and then for three weeks in Italy to meet the Ministry of Education guidelines for summer school credits. Precedence is given to students who have not yet completed their grade 12 credits. 

Upon return from Italy the students will receive a copy of their report card in the mail and they would then present it to their guidance counselor in September. If students study with a teacher from the board they currently attend a copy will also be sent directly to the student's school. 

These credits do not count towards a student's yearly average (as it was taken outside current day school) but do count towards their Ontario Secondary School Diploma credits. 

In Italy the trips are enhanced by on site learning experience with visits to major historical sites and cities in Italy.  

The courses offered are Italian Levels 1- 4 and Classical Civilizations. 
  • Level 1 Italian - LWI AD1 (no pre requisite, very basic ) 
  • Level 2 Italian - LWI BD1 (no pre requisite, beginner with some Italian or French experience) 
  • Level 3 Italian - LWI CU1 ( pre requisite LWI BD1) 
  • Level 4 Italian - LWI DU1 ( pre requisite LWI CU1) 
  • Classical Civilizations LVV 4U1 (Prerequisite either ENG 2D1 or ENG 2P1)
There will be a placement test for the language students on the first day of classes in Canada.
Students are in double or triple occupancy rooms depending on the hotel. 
All meals are made on site of fresh local produce. If there are allergies or dietary restrictions we can accommodate as long as they are communicated in advance.

We have a 10 to 1 student to teacher ratio. 
The average age of a participant is 16 years old. 
All of our excursions are part of the learning and so will have on site explanations of the sites visited and then allow the students some free time for lunch and souvenir shopping. 
We will be flying with Air Transat and while in Italy use luxury private coaches between cities.

A regular day is :
  • breakfast,
  • class (8.30am- 12.30pm),
  • lunch (1pm-2pm),
  • study hall (2pm-3pm),
  • free time or local excursion,(3.30pm - 6.30pm)
  • dinner (7.15pm-8.15pm),
  • free time,
  • curfew (approx. 10.30pm), room check and lights out.
Abruzzo -
Students studying in the region of Abruzzo will stay in the small towns of Atri (TE) and Roseto degli Abruzzi (TE) in comfortable clean 3 star accommodations. During the 3 weeks in Italy the sites visited will be Rome, Firenze, Ferrara, Venezia, Maranello  and local trips in Abruzzo.
Atri offers a taste of a hillside town that has archeological remains from the Roman era as well as Medieval and Renaissance architecture, and Roseto degli Abruzzi is a beachside town on the Adriatic coast.

Students studying in the region of Calabria will stay in the small town of Serra San Bruno (VV) and stay in one of two comfortable and clean hotels we have chosen in the area. Local trips will include visits to the beaches of Tropea and Soverato and the program will also include excursions to Rome, Amalfi Coast, Vibo Valentia, Reggio Calabria and Taormina (Sicily.)

In April and/or May meetings are held for each specific group to review expectations for the classes and introduce students to their teachers and fellow classmates. At these meetings textbooks are purchased, gratuities are collected and luggage is distributed to participants. We also review packing and other FAQs.

How to sign up:
Participants interested in sign up should download and complete this preregistration form and mail it back to our office with the $300 required deposit.
Cheques should be made to Centro Scuola and mailed to :
Centro Scuola suite 212
901 Lawrence Ave. W.
Toronto ON M6A 1C3
Once you receive an e-mail confirmation of our receipt of your preregistration form confirming a spot in the program you would need to download the next registration package

The 11 page registration package included in the above link will need to be completed for registration. This package includes information required by the student's day school as well as health information which we as on site staff need to know in the case of an emergency overseas.
Along with these forms are the required payments of:
  • $2300 due February 25, 2012
  • $2350 due April 29, 2012
Post dated cheques are appreciated . 

If you have further questions fell free to call us at 416 789-4970 or e-mail:  
Thank you for your interest in our programs! Centro Scuola